QR Codes in the Classroom

Don't be QR dummy!

Want to know exactly what a QR code is? Scan this QR code to read “QR Codes for Dummies.” If you are interested in how you can use QR codes in your classroom, read on.

Technology Applications students at the junior high are currently developing a survey (SurveyMonkey.com) to poll junior high students about Cyberbullying. They plan to post images of a QR code in the cafeteria. The QR code will be a link to the online survey. Students will be invited to participate in the survey by scanning the survey’s QR code and submitting their responses.

Bryan Kent, who teaches World Geography at the high school, used QR codes to teach latitude and longitude. He posted QR codes around the school, made a school map and created his own imaginary latitude and longitude lines, and gave the kids coordinates to the codes. When they found them, they had to scan the code to get a question, and then they answered the question by text message or on paper.

Gena Montgomery, one of our technology teachers at the high school, shared how she’s used QR codes.

“I have my blog and email address in a QR code posted in my room so kids can simply scan it and add my info. to their contacts. I’ve put questions into a QR code where the kids have to scan the QR code, come up with an answer, and then they can respond however you want them to…on paper, via email, or even text message.”

Here are QR codes (and the links) to two websites that list even more ways to use QR codes in the classroom:

Classrooms in the Cloud: 10 Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom

Wise Words with Edlio: The Ultimate Educators Guide to QR Codes

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